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Welcome to Commerce in Cuba!

Cuba's Cuba First foreign consulting team with 20 years experience!
Since the introduction of the foreign investment law in October 1995, foreign investors have literally flocked to Cuba in their droves. The #77 Law permits foreign investment in just about any area of the Cuban economy. To press, main areas for investment are:
Light Industry, Heavy Industry, Textiles, Agriculture, Tourism, Real Estate,
Telecommunications, Import - Export Presently some 900 branch offices are registered in the Chamber of Commerce,
there are commercial ties with over 3 200 foreign companies from approximately 150 countries. The Cuban government is looking for capital, markets and technology via links with foreign enterprises. According to official data, the capital accumulated from these "joint ventures" (May 2003) exceeds 3,8 billion dollars. Recently investors have begun heavy capital investments in tourism related real estate www.realestatecuba.com developments; Law 77 fully supports such ventures. The foundation of the Cuban Central Bank and a group of banking, financial and commercial institutions opened new avenues for the Cuban industry, in 1997 by facilitating credits for 700 million dollars, taking the form of capital, for labor and technologic investments. Another key area of tremendous growth has been the sale of consumable goods
to Cuba. Various import/export companies based in Cuba can represent products and services plus guarantee the sales of the said products. We also represent US Food Companies!·

We offer a full formation and registration service of International Business companies. Within just 60 days we will set up a brand new company, register the company in Cuba and have you ready to begin business with any local partner! Contact us for details Email·Advertising to Cuba’s 2 million tourists and over 60 million monthly hit’s with Cuba’s largest network of privately owned and managed websites. See Digital Panorama S.A.· Real Estate Consulting, land searches, Joint venture preparation and property rentals with Real Estate Cuba

Confidential service provided and no cost analysis of your needs!

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